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"There is a reason Aussies go to live in London..."

"...because it is fun."

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We're not lazy, just busy enjoying one of the biggest and most fabulous cities in the world! Its been 3 months since my last confession...

Luke and I have been in London since Easter Saturday at about 11pm - not the optimal time to come off a 13 hour flight! Of course it was raining in London, and after all the searing heat and humidity of SE Asia, the cool climate was very welcome. We caught a black cab (ooh err!) to Aberdare Gardens, our new home, and were a bit stressed about answering exactly where the house was - we didn’t know. When we arrived though, thoroughly sick of our backpacks, we arrived in a warm, big ground floor flat, with helpful signs on the doors to advise whose room is whose (to prevent us from sleeping on any of our new housemates), our bed made up and very cute easter eggs in our fridge! All down to Shev, and we were very very grateful. We crashed into our new bed.

And I woke up 4 hours later. Jetlag is not imaginary.

I slipped out into the loungeroom to read my book so I didn’t wake Luke (showing some uncharacteristic thoughtfullness). While I sat in the half dark half light with my Air Asia blanket, I thought 'Wouldn't it be cool to see a fox?!', looked up, and saw a fox. I will say right now that I love seeing casual foxes and cheery squirrels in our backyard. I know squirrels carry rabies, and that foxes can make a sound at night like a screaming horror, but these do not take away from the fact that I am in ENGLAND and there are FOXES and SQUIRRELS. And I like it.

I was a bit worried that we wouldn't like London; it gets a bad rap. But as Jess pointed out; "There is a reason Aussies go to live in London - because it's fun!" And it is.

So far we have been to a music festival, seen the house where Dad was born, been to Westminster to view Big Ben (on Easter Sunday; this area is now significantly less exciting as you can see big ben from my work), been to Abbey Road Studios, Shopped in Camden and Covent Garden, had a beer on Baker St, sunned ourselves in Regents Park, taken in a show, had a drink in Kate Moss's local. To people who live here or who have lived here, these are not big London things, but to that I say shhh! They are exciting to us, and having planned and saved and waited to get here, we are excited about them and pleased to be here; we are definitely not too cool to enjoy it!

We are living in South Hampstead, which is in London's north west, between Swiss Cottage (fancy) and Kilburn (un-fancy). It is a really nice area, quiet, fancy cars, but still pretty and green. We are living with Joel and Shev, Joel is another Deakin kid, Cath, a nurse, Charles, who is actully English; a 22 yo newly qualified lawyer, and Pratima, a kiwi accountant. Admittedly this is lot of people, and keep in mind this is just the downstairs flat, there are more upstairs, but everyone keeps mostly to themselves and we have not yet (in my time) had a situation where noone has a seat on a couch. And the people upstairs do not use the garden, that is our domain.

When we got here, we swung into 'looking for jobs' action - I was quite trepidatious about this part of things! Trying not to argue about who has the computer when was hard, until we started to get appointments and interviews and be out of the house at different times - after 2 months nose to nose this was interesting! We both have good jobs now, and we are not keen to repeat that particular process soon.

Last weekend we went to Ireland with Jess and Clyney and it was amazing! We flew into Shannon, had our first Guinness in Limerick, drove around Dingle, did Blarney and Cahir castles, kissed the blarney stone (unneccesarily), met an american named "Uncle Bill" who, when I made a bad joke, said "Oh! I get what you're doing there; humour! You!" which got a thrashing. We did donuts on Inch (technically it is driving in circles on a beach you are allowed to drive on; not illegal at all). I thought the beach was called 7 Inch, and it took the other three a long time to disabuse me of this notion. We all drank one Guinness per day (Jess and I escaped the last day - win!), took lovely photos, and spent a bit of time loving the lovely scenery, which, after 3 days in the car, never got boring. We had a big night out in Galway, where we met Andy ("I was on Neighbours), Donald the friendly American, New Hampshire who had a real name but we ignored it, Zach, aka Michigan, the 23yo philosophy student, and had great craic singing Whiskey in the Jar. Locals seemed not to hate us, which was an unexpected bonus. On Monday, the last day, we had hangovers corresponding to the amount of fun had in Galway, but dutifully set off to see Clyney's #2 attraction - the Salmon Weir. There was no Salmon there. We then set off to the Cliffs of Moher in a very ragtag fashion, getting there in twice the time it should have taken (fortunately time was something we had plenty of). The Cliffs were beatiful, the water a lovely blue, and when we got to the point furthest from the car, in true Irelandfashion the rain bucketed down on our heads that were NOT covered in rain jackets. Unhappiness ensued. But when we hopped into our trusty car and drove to Lahinch for lu-hinch (see what I did there? Humour!) and had the most AMAZING fish and chips for lunch. Lahinch is an adoreable town (apart from the old lady who was mean to us - I thought little old irish ladies were supposed to be lovely? Anyway we spent lunch thinking of ways to further upset her.) we then continued our meandery way, eventually ending up at Shannon and the long way home. Suffice to say this has been a long week…!

Coming up we have some exciting events and special guests; Ruthie and Cormac this weekend, Shell Hallam mid june, and Melsy early July for her birthday! We are very much looking forward to these little slices of home!! Also this month we are going to Royal Ascot (ooh err again!), and next month we are going on a trip to Portugal with Jess, Clyney, Shev, Joel, Quinny, Penny, Freeman and Mel to stay in a lovely house and soak up some rays. Combine that with sunny weekends and hanging out with our special guests, we are excited about the fun times heading our way….

More next time I feel we have something to say… :)

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