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Ann is scared of everything

except luke. Days 2, 3 and 4 of KL. Warning; long entry!

all seasons in one day 32 °C
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Technically we are now on day 4, but I should tell you about day 2 and three as well while I'm still keen and remembering it. Tuesday was our "explore the city" day, which means we went on one of those hop on hop off buses. We took a while to get going, and got on the bus at about midday, after a sneaky market visit to buy me some faux brand sunnies. they are pretty dismal. anyway

so we hop on the bus, and the first place we hop off is the national palace where things used to happen. you cant go in but there are some guards that are an imitation of the ones in front of Buckingham Palace... but less good at keeping a straight face. when we load pictures (when we can be bothered) you will see one giving Ann a massive dirty look. Fabulous.

  1. 1 Thing Ann is Scared Of


they had guns, big ones. I did a thumbs up but really I was feeling all thumbs down

Then we went to the next stop which was the Bird Park.. it had a misleading sign that made us think it was free, but it was actually exe, but Luke loves birds so we thought we'd go in.

  1. 2 Thing Ann is Scared Of


now I'm not usually scared of birds but there was a photo booth with lots of different birds in. I got freaked out because they were so still (owls etc) that I assumed they were fake and then one turned it's head to look at me... eep! Anyway then it was quite reasonable priced to get a photo holding 2 birds and there were some impressive ones, so I sent luke in to see if it was dangerous. It was; a macaw started chewing on his ear. hmm. Anyway I bravely went in for my photo, did some panic bird selections of a big parrot and a hornbill (should have got the tough looking hawks and kestrels). luke asked the man to put the parrot on my shoulder but the man said "no, he bite." Again - eep! There is a photo of how I really feel about this. anyway it was exciting to be close to exotic (and a bit mangy) birds, so that was fun. THEN we went into the parrot walk which had some whizzing around not in cages (and some sad ones in cages), and you could feed them for a tiny fee. So we did, but I did not expect to be part of it. Luke had one on his head (tee hee hee) and then the little man (#495 of the little men we encountered; and I mean literally little) popped some seed into my had without me expecting it and then I was a parrot tree! there was one on my wallet. They were nice though, about the size of rainbow lorrikeets, and pretty cruisey.

  1. 3 Thing Ann is Scared Of

Getting shat on by a bird

which didn't happen! miracle!

  1. 4 Thing Ann is Scared Of

Unexpected monkeys

So we were wandering around, excited by our birdy experiences and not getting shat on, and luke points and goes "look!". and there they were. Unexpected monkeys. You may assume they were coming at us, or close enough to touch - they weren't. They were just around, quite far away, their main crime was being unexpected and not in a cage. We had a good look, kept our distance, then went to look at the other exhibits which entailed peacocks, flamingos, scary hornbills, human children etc... We walked about 1000 miles but did enjoy it. and never got shat on.

  1. 5 Thing Ann is Scared Of

Dead Spiders

We then cruised onto the butterfly enclosure which was old, and a bit creepy. We wandered around wasting the camera battery on pretty flutterbys, good times, and then were ready to leave. You know when you go to leave a tourist place they make you walk through a museumy type thing first? This one had some live insects in cages, which was fine, but the first thing I saw was a big framed thing of dead tarantulas. And then walls and walls and rooms and rooms of stuff like that. the butterflies were fine. Tarantulas were not.

After this we went on the rest of the bus tour, seeing the twin tours, KL tower etc on the back of an open top bus. Tis hot here but we are trying to embrace the perspiration. That and having handy hankies is saving us!

  1. 6 Thing Ann is Scared Of

Odd old backbackers. nuff said.

So then yesterday we had a day where we just chilled out and explored the local surrounds. This is where we realised that many of the things we paid lots of $$ to see on the bus are on our doorstep! That, and the amusingly named "agro bank". If i lived here I would definately bank there.

So we cruised around, doing small amounts of shopping (ie I bought a wallet that I wouldn't mind if it was stolen etc), and being adventurous with food. Not super adventurous, but enough so we dont feel wussy. I rate eating things you have no idea what they are as adventurous. Hard Core Competitive Backpackers dont think you're adventurous unless you're eating something that is still living or at least has legs. We rounded out the day with a pretty delicious meal and a couple of tiger beers - which made us sleepy. Yep, not hard core at all.

Which brings us to today; Elephant day! Today we were booked in to go on a tour to see the elephants and to a deer park (not Deer Park Melbourne, which unfortunately we have also been to). So we hop up bright and early, eat our sweet toast, and go and wait to be picked up. We are then taken to the travel place where we meet our guide; who looks angry. This could be because we have front teeth, which he did not. We realised with some trepidation that we were the only ones on the tour; no new friends for us!

The first stop was Batu Caves, which we need to read up on because we have no idea what they mean or why they were there. We do know that they a) smell b) have a big stunning statue out the front! see pictures for details but by big i mean stories high, not feet and c) have many many stairs to go up there! my legs were shaking and my head was sweating, and we were once again in the face of surprise monkeys.

  1. 7 Thing Ann is Scared of


This is a general "I dont like creepy corners where things can hide especially when those things are life like creepy statues". This fear has not got me far in terms of tourism because it applies to temples and churches, but I am fighting through. The stench wasnt helping either, but it was quite an amazing cave, massive and light (thank god; ann may also be scared of the dark).

BTW wikipedia just told me its one of the worlds biggest hindu shrines. Hindu was not mentioned anywhere. That's what you get when you show yourself around places.

Anyway then it was off to the Deer Park! We like deer and there was the promise of feeding them, which we liked the idea of. We were, however, confused by the pictures of bears on the deer park sign, but assumed it was an administrative error.

It wasnt.

  1. 8 Thing Ann is Scared of

Snakes. Very valid.

So we get in, feed the deer (oh dear), they were cute, and then got taken around. Lo and behold, it was a mini zoo! we then went on to hold snakes (luke) pet snakes (ann), have a monkey jump on our shoulder (luke) hold a ferret (ann) and then feed a bear. a big black bear. so random, and i'm sure it was cruel to have it there, but it had had a cub 3 years ago and did not look distressed. It licked our hands - oh my god.

  1. 1 Thing Ann is Not Scared of

Bears. invalid.

Then lunch, which was ok, then Elephants - hooray! Fortunately no travel guilt here, it was a sanctuary for injured and rehomed elephants - it would seem the cheeky elephants eat crops. Naughty! anyway we inexplicably watched a doco first about how angry wild elephants can be when caught (?) and went on to meet some. We liked our guide by this point as he'd taken the bear photos. we only liked him when we came out of the bear paddock with two hands. Anyway, firstly we met some small elephants; cute! one had no tail and one had no foot, but hey seemed happy. Then there was the feeding! we fed a few different ones, from 72 years old (massive!) to 6 years old (manageable size).

Then there was the riding; oh the riding!

  1. 2 Thing Ann is Not Scared of

Riding Elephants into a river. Cant explain.

so other people rode them in a teeny circle, we rode one into the river! think it was the 72 yo. She ambled down and we went through the water then whoop! she tipped us off. ace. old mate (the guide) was taking millions of photos, as we then played with some smaller ones in the water.

We loved every second of it. Actually we are having an amazing time already and seeing and doing more than we thought we would on this leg of the tour, as well as relaxing and taking our time about things.

More next time, sorry for the massive read, but this is also our record keeping method!

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